Ahmet Beyler is a band or a bunch of friends that love to share their music, from İstanbul.


The direct translation of the name is "Mr. Ahmads" which represent the namelessness, since "Mr. Ahmet" is one of the millions of "Ahmet"s in the world. As well as have a special meaning of "Mr. Ahmet and his beloved ones". His family and his pals.


Ahmet Beyler are the missioners of singing, playing and having fun together. And would like to visit you one day, whenever you feel to join them.


Ahmet Beyler is trying to create our own style of music, inspired from all of our territories, balkans, middle east, meditterania, as well as Beatles and classical Turkish and European music. Mixed with ideas of cultural and personal identity, dancing, Jimi Hendrix, joy of sincere conversartions, being a nowhere man while as well being a responsible ordinary being.

Ahmet Beyler dreams of a moment where all the district comes together to sing and have fun in a little house at a summer night.



Coming soon...




PR and Booking

Gizem Duman: +905531876798
Gülçin Arda:     +905331640814


who we are

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